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There are many heating systems to choose from, but once you understand the fundamentals of hydronic heating and cooling, you’ll see it’s an extremely environmentally friendly way to control the temperature in your home. Some of the standout reasons homeowners across Melbourne are opting for hydronic heating systems are energy efficiency and long-term reduction in running costs.

The initial investment proves to pay for itself, especially when integrated with solar panels and better still, solar battery storage. Respiratory health is another top contender for reasons to go hydronic.

Melbourne Hydronic Heating

Energy efficient heating and cooling

What is hydronic heating and cooling?

Sometimes referred to as ‘radiant heating’, hydronic systems operate via water being warmed via a boiler or heat pump, then circulating through a pipe system to an installed product, which most commonly would be a wall radiator or underfloor system.

The warmed water heats up the radiator or flooring and the warmth then radiates into the surrounding space and creates an even, comfortable temperature. When it comes to cooling, the cold water is  circulated through the  pipes in the floor or through the variety of bulk head or wall mounted fan coil units, creating the opposite result.

Temperatures can be controlled via thermostat, with options to create zones that further boost the energy efficiency of the system.

Classic and Designer Radiators

Hydronic wall radiators

One of the most popular products for home installation is wall radiators. At Hunt we have a wide range of premium styles to suit all interior designs, from cast iron hydronic radiators for a more traditional look, to sleek steel panel radiators for the modern home.

Many options can be colour customised to compliment your chosen décor, along with a range of sizes to ensure that whatever the dimensions of your space, there will be a product to suit.

Cast iron hydronic radiators
Heating systems

A Touch of Luxury for Any Bathroom

Heated towel rails

Adding a touch of luxury to your bathroom need not blow the budget. Hydronic towel rails are another popular way to integrate energy efficiency and comfort into your home. 

Towels and damp clothes will dry at pace, the chill will be taken off on those winter mornings and mould growth and condensation will become a thing of the past. Our range of towel rails offers stylish solutions for every bathroom.


Underfloor heating and cooling

Having warm floors can be a game changer, with the flexibility for the system to be installed in specific sections, or throughout the entire home.

Hydronic underfloor heating timber floors is possible, as is tiles, concrete and carpet, further demonstrating the adaptability of this system, but it does pay to research your floor covering options before installation.

Hydronic underfloor heating
Hydronic Heating Boilers (2)

Heat Sources for Any Home

Hydronic boilers

Your hydronic system will perform at its peak if you power it with a high-quality boiler. Our range of premium products offer you the choice of different boiler energy sources, all boasting very high energy efficiency and extensive manufacturer warranties. Boilers heat water via the selected energy source and distribute it through the pipe systems to warm the space.  

Electric boilers are fast becoming a popular option, particularly with the push to reduce emissions, and are a great solution for heating smaller homes. Another wise move is investing in a combination boiler, also known as a ‘combi boiler’, which can heat your home and your domestic water needs – from showering and bathing to dish and clothes washing.  Pairing electric boilers with solar panels and a solar storage battery can super charge your set up with further efficiencies and savings.

Hydronic Heating and Cooling

Heat pumps

Drawing energy in from the atmosphere outside of your home, heat pumps use energy from water, the ground, or the air (which is the most common option) and transfer it to the hydronic pipe system. This energy heats the water and circulates it through the pipe network.

Hydronic Heating Heat Pump


Melbourne hydronic heating – your local experts

Hunt Heating have provided homes and commercial projects across Melbourne and wider Victoria with premium hydronic heating and cooling systems since 1982.

We specialise in providing European quality and innovation to Australian homes and are committed to delivering sustainable, low-carbon systems that can be enjoyed year-round.

Contact the Hunt Heating team today on 1300 001 800 or visit our showroom to discover more about hydronic heating systems or to discuss your specific requirements.


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