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Hydronic Heating: Gas heating alternatives

Hunt’s range of sustainable home heating solutions include the best electric heating options on the market. Whether you’re living in an apartment or free-standing dwelling, there are gas heating alternatives to reduce your carbon footprint and energy bills.

Heat Pump - Electric Heating


Energy efficiency at its best: Heat pumps

Drawing energy in from water, air, or ground outside of the home, heat pumps transfer the energy indoors through a hydronic sealed pipe system. Air to water heat pumps are the most common, with the water being heated and then circulated to warm or cool your home. The process is like what you would find within a refrigerator or air conditioner. Running on electricity, the volume required to operate a heat pump is drastically outweighed by how much heat they generate and deliver into the home. Residential pumps can deliver heat at an impressive 600% efficiency.


Underfloor heating and domestic hot water, sorted

Air to water heat pumps can be paired with a hydronic heating system, powering both your domestic hot water system and underfloor heating. The outdoor air is transferred to heat the water, which is sent through the sealed pipe system to your underfloor heating to warm the floors, or directed through to the pipes that supply your domestic hot water. Well maintained heat pumps have at least double the lifespan of a boiler. Considering boiler’s last on average 15 years, it’s highly unlikely that your heat pump will need replacing for the time you’re residing in your home. 

Underfloor Heating


Electric wall heaters – warm your home in style

Space saving and offering solutions to work with the design of your home, electric wall mounted heaters, also known as radiators, are fast becoming a go-to product for home heating. With a range of configurations, sizes and styles on the market, you’re sure to be able to find one to suit your tastes and requirements.

Heating systems


An affordable luxury - electric heated towel rails

Best electric heating options for your home can benefit every space, including the bathroom. Warm towels and clothes can be yours by installing electric heated towel rails. Additional benefits include reducing general dampness and mould growth in tile grout. You can also add some style with a range of designer products on the market, such as the ultra slim profile Griffin or the DeLonghi Richmond, which works in both modern and traditional bathrooms and comes in chrome and white finishes.


Options for retrofitting and new builds

Hydronic climate control solutions that can be powered by electricity are available for existing and new homes. Wall heaters, electric towel rails and even underfloor heating can all be retrofitted to existing properties or installed into new homes. Solar panel systems can also be retrofitted or placed onto new build roofing.  

Underfloor Heating, Hydronic Wall Heater
Solar Power For Hydronic Heating


Supercharge with solar power

Maximise your electricity consumption by adding solar components to the mix. Your entire home heating and hot water needs can be yours at a much lower cost and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. Heat pumps, electric wall heaters, towel rails and electric boilers can all be teamed with a solar power set up.

Hunt offers boiler systems that can heat the water in storage tanks too, getting the most from solar power as possible, so when the sun goes down your electric boiler kicks in to ensure you’ve got hot water as required.

You can of course take things to the next level by adding a solar battery to cover all your evening energy needs.

Hydronic heating for homeowners


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