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Domestic Hot Water Systems

At Hunt Heating, we can maximise the potential from your heat source with the addition of domestic hot water. With the optional solar components we can deliver your whole homes heating and hot water requirements at low cost while reducing your homes carbon footprint.


Solar smart technology

Hot water can be the most significant contribution to greenhouse gas emissions in the average Australia household and can also be one of the most expensive to run. However, utilising your hydronic heat source coupled with solar can be one of the most effective ways to reduce both your energy use and power bills long term.

With no shortage of sun, a solar hot water system is particularly well suited to the Australian climate, and with the opportunity to take advantage of your hydronic heating system, switching to a full system solution from Hunt Heating could be your best decision yet.


The Hunt Heating advantage

Unlike a conventional hot water storage system that requires its own gas or electric booster, Hunt Heating can design a system solution utilising solar as the preferred heat source, then switching to your hydronic boiler as a backup – not only giving a considerable energy saving, but also meaning you only need to have one water heating appliance installed.

A storage tank is installed along with solar collectors on the roof which ensures as much free energy is utilised from the sun as possible. Any Hunt Heating boiler system also has the ability to heat a storage tank as well – so if the sun isn’t giving you enough heat your boiler fires up just for the right amount of time to ensure you always have hot water available when it’s needed.


Versatile at its best

Even when coupling with a solar hot water service, you still get all the benefits of a traditional hydronic system – a range of efficient heat source options, easy zoning and a completely customised solution tailored to your home. Internally, your heating and hot water performs exactly as you’re used to. Externally, the combined systems are working together to ensure your comfort in the most energy efficient way possible.

Easy to install, easy to maintain

Incorporating two systems into one is simplicity at it’s best. There’s less of a footprint taken up and one installer can easily install both systems at the same time, saving costs. Ongoing, the servicing of the two systems comes at the same time – because both are run off the same heat source you are servicing both your heating and hot water service at once ensuring optimum performance

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