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Wall heating – the hot ticket for new homes

Are you after cost-effective, energy efficient heating for your new home? Look no further than hydronic wall heating.

Also known as radiators, hydronic wall heaters are fast becoming the top heating option for new developments in Australia. While not a new concept, hydronic heating is now catching on and the long list of benefits are being realised by domestic and commercial markets alike. Wall heating systems are being installed in high end designer homes through to new builds of townhouses, apartments and housing complexes.

Here’s an overview of why wall heating is so popular.

Gold star for energy efficiency

Water is an excellent conductor of heat, which is why hydronic heating is so efficient. Hydronic wall heaters operate via a boiler which heats the water to a thermostat-controlled temperature. Heat generates and transfers into the home via thermal radiation, where objects are gently warmed, rather than the air. This creates an even, steady distribution of temperature without drying out the air.

Hydronic wall heaters use a closed system, where the water is re-circulated and doesn’t dissipate the heat. Low levels of water are used and when it returns to the heat source it is still warm, which means less energy is needed to increase the temperature to the level needed.

Another energy efficient feature is the ability to control the temperature throughout a home in zones. You can set individual temperatures for each area of the property via thermostats and turn off less used radiators. When a room reaches the set temperature, the heating turns off and only restarts when the temp drops. This ensures you maintain a comfortable heat at all times, while remaining energy efficient.

Heat source choice also plays a part. Traditional gas-fuelled boilers lose 20-30% of the heat when the carbon dioxide and water vapour escapes through the flue. By using a condensing boiler the heat is extracted and used to pre-heat the water before it returns to the boiler, scoring extra energy efficiency points.

Lower running costs

Many older building developments have ducted or central heating/cooling systems. While perhaps cheaper to initially install, the running costs are higher than hydronic heating options, which can be 35% more cost effective. Whether you’re looking at heating systems for a freestanding home or a larger residential project, hydronic wall heaters are definitely worth considering if you want a long-term cost-effective option.hydronic heating Australia, Electric Wall Heaters

Quick and easy to install

Unlike traditional ducted or central heating systems or underfloor options, wall heaters don’t involve extensive ductwork and return air systems or require the entire floor cavity to be pulled up to install it (in the case of a retrofit), or for the system to be laid into the foundation slab.

The radiators are mounted onto existing walls, with pipework being threaded through the subfloor and connected at the panel. Flooring will need to be patched in some cases and with any new build the installation is very simple. There’s also the install of the heat source and the thermostat/s, which is straightforward and can be in one location or multiple spots around the home. The control panels allow residents to adjust the temperature in each area of their home for maximum comfort.

A high five for health

The fact that hydronic wall heaters don’t use fans, vents or ducts means there aren’t dust mites, pollens and other allergens being circulated around the home. This is comforting news for allergy sufferers and particularly important to the 2.7 million Australian’s who are living with asthma (source). By installing hydronic wall heaters you will be helping to drastically reduce respiratory issues for clients or potential buyers.

The system radiates a gentle heat, providing consistently warm air over a larger surface area, which is beneficial for everyone’s comfort and wellbeing. Wall heaters are also easy to wipe down and keep clean and because there isn’t hot air blowing, it will mean less dust in general throughout the home, so less cleaning needed. There’s also the added bonus that they are silent.

A safe bet

Wall heaters are a sound choice on the safety front for residential properties. The use of conventional heaters is still one of the most common causes of home fires in Australia (source), making hydronic wall heating a wise move. With no electrical connections to worry about, they aren’t a fire hazard. The optional low surface temperature of the wall mounted units means they are safe to touch, which is important for all households, particularly those with children, elderly residents or pets.

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Design aesthetic

With a range of unit styles and designs, the installation of hydronic wall heaters can add an extra design element to any home. There are literally hundreds of radiator sizes available, which provides flexibility for all matter of varieties of living spaces and some options can be customised to colour match with existing or planned interiors.

So there you have it. Whether you are working on a renovation or new build project for a client, hydronic wall heaters are worth serious consideration. If you want a reliable, cost effective, energy efficient, healthy heating option for your next project, this is your best bet.

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