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How Can I Use My Hydronic Heating System to Supply Domestic Hot Water?

Many customers want to know how they can combine their hydronic heating with their domestic hot water for a totally integrated and comfortable system. We recommend a combination (combi) boiler for doing the job. A combi boiler is both a water heater and a central heating boiler contained in one unit. As always, Hunt Heating recommends that homeowners consult with a licenced hydronic heating professional when selecting the right boiler for their home.

Upgrade to a Combination Boiler

For a little extra cost, homeowners may choose to upgrade their regular boiler to a combi boiler, which can supply their household’s hydronic heating and domestic hot water in one unit. Combi boilers provide instantaneous hot water, in that the water is instantly heated as it flows through the system, thereby only heating as much water as needed. Because regular combi boilers can only service two taps at a time, they may only be suitable as a backup system in larger homes. However, in smaller homes, combi boilers are perfectly suitable and highly efficient.

Hunt Heating also offers a range of combi boilers with additional hot water storage, making them suitable for homes with greater hot water needs. Available with an integrated partage box, these combi boilers provide zoning and temperature control for up to three hydronic zones, plus domestic hot water.

Hunt Heating are the experts in designing tailored hydronic heating systems and can work with you to create a heating and domestic hot water system perfectly suited to your household. To arrange a consultation, get in touch with our team today. 

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