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Simple Ways To Reduce Your Household Energy Bills This Winter – PART ONE

Winter is well and truly here, and with it comes the dread of watching your household energy bills rise. To keep the cold at bay, you might crank up the heating, leave it running overnight, turn on the electric blankets, and take longer, hotter showers. While it might feel good at the time, the shock of seeing your winter energy bills can leave you feeling cold.

In Part 1 of our two-part Winter Savings series, we’ll share with you some simple ways to keep your energy bills from creeping up, while still staying cosy inside.

Upgrade Your Boiler

If you’re keen to make a big difference to your bills, it’s a good idea to start with your boiler. Replace your electric hot water system with a solar one to heat your home’s hot water far more efficiently and affordably. While the initial outlay may be more expensive, you will experience significant savings over the long-term. Hunt Heating also offers a range of combination solar hot water boilers that bring together your home’s hydronic heating and hot water storage.

Plan Your Layout

In winter, it’s more important than ever to plan the layout of your furniture. While it might be tempting to place your couch or clothes rack right in front of the heat source, it’s far more efficient to free up that space so that the warm air can circulate throughout the room. That way, you won’t need to leave it on for as long.

Close All Windows, Curtains & Doors

While it might seem like an obvious one, YourEnergySavings estimates that up to 40 percent of the heat in your home can leak out of open windows, so keep them shut tight especially when the heating is on. Curtains also play an important role in keeping your home toasty. Keep them open during the day to let in the sunlight, but ensure to close them when it gets dark to keep the home insulated. Shut off all internal doors as well, especially those leading to bathrooms and laundries, which tend to be colder than the rest of the home.

Glaze the Windows

Double glazing your windows and skylights is another effective way of keeping the heat in during the cooler months. For existing windows, installing window films is another effective option.

Seal It Off

Install rubber seals, or even use a door snake to close off those cold draughts that find their way through cracks in windows and doors.

Go Hydronic

If you’re looking for a new heating option for the home, choose hydronic heating. Studies show hydronic heating is up to 35% more cost effective than running a central ducted heated system. Whether you choose underfloor slab heating, radiator heating, or a combination of both, you’ll enjoy a more efficient heating method that will cut costs on your energy bills.

Hydronic heating is also a healthier heating alternative. Ducted and central heating can be breeding grounds for dust mites, allergens and bacteria that then circulate around the home, contaminating the air that you and your family breathe. Because hydronic heating works by natural convection through pipes, you’re eliminating any potential for harmful bacteria to enter your home.

Heat Occupied Rooms Only

With a thermostat and zone control, you can heat just the rooms you’re using, resulting in a far more efficient use of your heating system.

These are just some of the ways that you can stay warm this winter without hurting your hip pocket. Check back on the Hunt Heating blog for Part 2 of our Winter Savings series, where we share with you, even more, tips to see you through the colder months.

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