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4 Reasons to Service Home Hydronic Heating

Investing in a hydronic heating and cooling system is a fantastic way for home owners to reap the many benefits of low carbon, energy efficient climate control. However, to ensure optimal performance of elements from heat pumps and boilers to underfloor, trench and wall mounted products, your hydronic system needs attention and care.

While largely chosen for their energy efficiency, the level of efficiency will vary widely depending on how often the system is serviced and how well it is maintained.

We’ve rounded up four reasons why you need to prioritise adequate care of your hydronic heating system.

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Reason 1: Ensure Peak Performance

One of the main draw cards to installing hydronic heating systems is the excellent energy efficiency and as a result, a large reduction in energy bills. If you don’t regularly service and maintain your system, you run the risk of having the opposite effect – a system that could lead to higher energy bills.

Keeping your hydronic heating and cooling system regularly serviced and maintained by a qualified professional will result in ongoing efficiency and reliability of your climate control solution.

Qualified hydronic servicing professionals will run a series of tests and checks to verify system function. Any issues can be quickly identified and resolved.

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Reason 2: Reduce Repairs

As with many systems, identifying any potential problems as early as possible can prevent a larger issue from occurring down the line.

Generally speaking, the larger the issue, the more costly the repair work is going to be and the longer the system will be out of operation. It’s also important to note that what can begin as a smaller issue can have a greater impact on other aspects of the system if left unchecked. Regular servicing by a hydronic heating professional will prevent this from occurring with early detection.

By scheduling routine servicing, you will reduce repairs, save time and money and have less disruption to your heating and cooling.

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Reason 3: Maintain Your Warranty

Quality hydronic heat pumps, boilers, underfloor heating and wall mounted radiators will all come with decent warranty terms and conditions, but it is important to adhere to the recommended servicing time frames to ensure you can benefit from the remaining warranty in the event of any issues.

By having your hydronic heating system serviced as per the product warranty guidelines, you will ensure that any remaining warranty is maintained. The manufacturers of the different components will stipulate the frequency of servicing that is recommended to keep the warranty valid.

Reason 4: Maximise Product Lifespan

The initial investment of purchase and installation of hydronic heating and cooling systems is a significant one, but by doing so you are investing in high quality and top performing climate control. Given the extent of the investment, it makes sense to do what you can to lengthen the lifespan of the products as much as possible.

Regular servicing and maintenance will extend the life of the components in your hydronic heating and cooling system and reduce the need for any costly repairs and replacements.

For home hydronic heating systems that use a boiler, this is the most important component to maintain. Regular boiler servicing by a qualified professional will ensure you get the longest product lifespan of your entire system, which all helps to making the initial investment worthwhile.

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Signs Your Hydronic System May Need A Check-Up

If you are having your hydronic heating and cooling system regularly serviced, great news. However, here are a few signs that something may be amiss with your system and should act as prompts for you to contact your licensed professional for an evaluation, including:

  • The system is taking longer to warm up than normal
  • Wall mounted radiators are not warming up completely
  • Radiators may be leaking
  • Unusual noises coming from the boiler

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