Hydronic Heating Supplier

Proud Advocate of AHA ‘Code Of Ethics’

There are many aspects to consider when running a successful business, here at Hunt’s we believe all companies should be accountable for their actions. Which is why we are proud to be an advocate of the Australian Home Heating Association Inc ‘Code of Ethics’.

What This Means To Us

  • Truth in Advertising: Members shall advertise and promote themselves, their products and services with truth and dignity and avoid any potentially misleading statements or suggestions and not deliberately conceal or omit information.
  • Public Welfare: Members shall make the largest contribution possible to the health, safety and welfare of the public whilst carrying out installations, maintenance and operations of all heating appliances.
  • Environment Responsibility: Members shall at all times have due respect and consideration of all environmental aspects during the promotion, installation and operation of all hydronic heating appliances.
  • Respect for Confidentiality: Members shall regard as confidential any and all information concerning the business and technical affairs of their clients, suppliers and employers.
  • Consistency with Association Goals: Members shall ensure that all their business activities, public statements and actions are consistent with the objectives and goals of the Association.
  • Deal with Reputable Individuals: Members shall act so as to sustain and enhance the honour, dignity and integrity of the Association by conducting business exclusively with enterprises and individuals of unquestionable character.
  • Ongoing Professional Development: Members shall endeavour to continue their professional development and actively assist other Association members in developing their experience and knowledge.
  • Report Breaches by Members: Members that observe or become aware of an apparent breach of any of the Association rules by a member or applicant for membership shall immediately report that apparent breach to the Association’s General Manager.
  • Report Breaches by Non-Members: Members that become aware of an apparent breach of any of the above rules by a non-member operating in or making negative/improper statements about the heating industry shall promptly report said breach to an Association Board member or General Manager to allow an appropriate response to being made by the Association Board.
  • Fair Dealings: Members shall be fair and honest in all their dealings with clients, suppliers, employees, contractors and other Association members.
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