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Why ‘The Block’ Chooses Hydronic Heating

On air since 2003 in Australia, reality property makeover program, ‘The Block’ has inspired many a homeowner and aspiring decorator alike. Each episode introduces viewers to an array of ideas for homes and rooms of all sizes.

In the mix are climate control solutions – different systems for heating and cooling – with one approach gaining in popularity in part as a result of getting air time on The Block, and with good reason – Hydronic Heating.

We’ve rounded up a few examples of where hydronic heating has been used on The Block, along with some info on why it’s a top choice for your home.

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What is Hydronic Heating?

In short, hydronic heating is a climate control approach that uses warmed water pumped through a sealed pipe system to a range of different products to warm and cool homes through radiant heat. Products include

There are a range of benefits of hydronic heating and cooling, such as radiant heat being more comfortable, evenly distributed and not drying, like fan forced options. It also remains within a well insulated home for a much longer period than heat produced by other heating systems.

Top Benefits of Hydronic Heating Systems

While many Australian home owners opt for ducted heating or reverse cycle systems for their climate control, contestants on The Block are increasingly adopting hydronic heating products and systems to do the job. There are many benefits, including:

  • Less greenhouse gas emissions than other heating approaches
  • Lower running costs (on average 35% cheaper to run and maintain than ducted systems)
  • Better for everyone’s health as hydronic heat doesn’t rely on air force, which can cause havoc for allergy and asthma sufferers
  • Safest option on the market with zero fire hazard
  • Installation flexibility – products to suit all homes and spaces

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Panel Radiators & Heated Towel Rails

Another hot favorite for The Block contestants over the seasons has been hydronic panel radiators and heated towel rails.

Hydronic radiators

Used for centuries in Europe, hydronic radiators are a great way to warm your home.

With plenty of dimensions, styles and colours to choose from, there are radiator options to suit all tastes, rooms and homes. Many also offer the option to customise the colour to work with your planned or existing décor.

Hydronic radiators can be installed in any room in the home, with the option of installing additional panels later on if required. They can be zone controlled with a thermostat so you can set the times and sections of the home you want to have heated or cooled throughout the day and evening.

2021 winners of The Block, Mitch and Mark opted to use hydronic radiators in their property make-over, as did Tanya and Vito in their property overhaul. And no, it wasn’t your imagination – Ronnie and Georgia also had radiators when they won their season, where they used a variety of dimensions to suit the different wall sizes in their space.

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Heated towel rails

Available in a wide range of styles, heated towel rails are great for warming towels and clothes, keeping your bathroom moisture in check and as a result reducing mould growth. They create an even, comfortable temperature within the bathroom and coupled with underfloor heating really add an element of affordable luxury to your home.

Identical twins from Sydney, Josh and Luke, integrated hydronic heated towel rails into their bathroom design in last year’s season of the show, along with the ever popular wall radiators.

Hunt Heating offer a designer range of radiators and heated towel rails so you can make them a feature of your home, just like the contestants on The Block.

Underfloor Heating

Homes on The Block have had hydronic underfloor heating installed across many seasons. Most recently in 2021 properties in the Victorian inner bayside suburb of Hampton got the overhaul, with every bathroom including underfloor heating.

The previous season was based in Brighton, Victoria, with the properties that featured being from the 1910s through to the 1950s, all to be restored to their former glory. The contestants were tasked with including period features, while at the same time ensuring the properties were equipped for comfortable and functional living in the current day.

Underfloor heating is a fantastic choice for any home, but particularly for regions that have cooler temperatures like Victoria and parts of New South Wales, and in homes like these where heritage features want to be kept intact.

Flexible Installation Options

While there are a number of considerations to installing underfloor heating, they can be successfully installed within a concrete slab of a new build, or retrofitted on top of current flooring in projects like The Block which are typically heritage or period restoration homes. The preferred method ultimately depends on the structure of your existing flooring – but rest assured there will always be a way.

Suits Every Room In The Home

While The Block contestants have mainly highlighted the use of underfloor heating in the wet areas such as their main and ensuite bathrooms – it is typically installed in every room in the home.

Flooring surfaces from tiles and floor boards to carpets can all work effectively as coverings for underfloor heating. As mentioned with radiators, zoned thermostats can help you control which areas you want on at any given time.

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Are You Interested In Having Heating and Cooling Like The Block?

As you can see, there are many good reasons the contestants on ‘The Block’ select hydronic heating and cooling for their climate control solution.

Not only is it stylish, safe, healthy and clean, but also friendly to the environment and your bank balance when it comes to ongoing running and maintenance costs, especially when you compare hydronic heating to ducted heating options. Integrating hydronic heating solutions into your home can bring this host of benefits to everyone under your roof.

If you’d like to find out which hydronic heating and cooling solution is right for your home, come visit our showroom or contact our team of experts today.

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