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Heated towel rails – an affordable luxury

Gone are the days of a heated towel rail in your bathroom being a lavish luxury – they are now an accessible option for every home with many benefits beyond keeping your towels dry and toasty warm.

Let’s take a peek at the perks and products:

Not just a towel warmer: Benefits of heated towel rails

Beyond ‘doing what is says on the tin’, heated towel rails offer a host of other benefits to your health, comfort and your bathroom.

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1. Dry out the bathmat

No one likes a soggy bathmat underfoot when they step out of the shower or bath, or even worse, if you pad into the bathroom barefoot or in socks to clean your teeth and step onto the damp mat… Pop your bathmat onto the heated towel rail to dry it out between showers – problem solved!

2. Clothes drying

If you’re the proud owner of some fancy undergarments that might not fare so well drying in direct sunlight, or in the tumble dryer, the heated towel rail is a safe bet. Same goes for wet swimsuits. It’s also a great option for drying clothes in general, as long as you don’t overcrowd the rails.

If you are interested in using your heated towel rail for clothes drying (in addition to warming your towels) there are products on the market with a high ‘rail count’, meaning more hanging space. More on products in a moment.

3. Warm your clothes

Your clothes don’t have to be wet or damp to benefit from the heated towel rail. Imagine jumping out of your shower on a chilly morning, drying yourself with a fluffy, warm, dry towel and then putting on lovely warm clothes…or of a Winter’s evening, being able to pop on your pre-warmed pyjamas. This doesn’t have to be the stuff of fantasies people! If these ideas make you sigh, it’s time to get a heated towel rail into your life.

4. Save water and electricity

By drying out your towels and bathmats on a regular basis using heated towel rails, you won’t be washing these items as often, or using a tumble dryer to dry them, therefore saving on both water and electricity. Win, win.

5. Warm the air

Electric heated towel rails are designed to warm items in direct contact with the rail only. However, if you opt for a hydronic heated towel rail, you will also be adding warmth to your bathroom and take the chill off the air by increasing the overall room temperature.

Hydronic heated towel rails run on the same set up as hydronic radiators and work to warm objects within the space, which results in the air within the room staying warm for longer. If you’re new to the idea of hydronic heating, check out our recent article on Hydronic Heating as an energy efficient heating solutions.

6. Improve bathroom hygiene

Heated towel rails create a warmer and drier environment in the bathroom, reducing the humidity, which is important when it comes to hygiene.

By drying towels, bathmats and the air in the room, the heated towel rail is helping to reduce the growth of germs and harmful mould, not only on towels, but within the space overall.

This benefits everyone’s health and is particularly important in bathrooms that might be adjoining to a master bedroom and not have an external window for ventilation.

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Add style to your bathroom

While heated towel rails are highly functional in all the ways mentioned above, they can also lend themselves to making a striking design statement in your bathroom.

Available in a range of finishes, including chrome, stainless steel, brushed and matte black, there’s something to suit every bathroom.

If you’re looking for something extra special, Hunt Heating have a designer range of heated bathroom rails in both electric and hydronic options.

Here are a few to give you an idea of the design statements you can make:

  • Saturn & Moon: Add a touch of Zen Minimalism to your bathroom with this beautiful, sleek design.
  • Zero Otto: This clean-cut shape not only heats, but also has an incorporated essence-holder that can emit fragrance into the bathroom.
  • Bells Beach: A fantastic and stylish option for fitting radiators into tall and narrow, or low spaces, this is a highly functional and elegant design with a curved front.
  • Chalfont floor standing: If you’re after an old school style, this is the choice for you. This hydronic heater with towel rail is available in two heights and four colour options.
  • Ellipsis Towel Rail: This steel hydronic heated towel rail has elegant oval tubes and comes in a range of colour options to work with your interior design and décor.

What is a hydronic heated towel rail?

With hydronic heating, water is warmed within a boiler and sent through a pipe system, which runs to the towel rails and heats them up. Hydronic heating is a highly energy efficient and environmentally friendly option which is substantially cheaper to run than other energy sources.

You can also run panel radiators from the same hydronic heating system, or may even consider installing underfloor heating in the process as well if you want to really warm up your bathroom!

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Ready for heated towel rail luxury in your bathroom?

Contact the friendly and experienced team at Hunt Heating to discuss the best options for your home.

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