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How To Select Radiator Valves

Valves are an essential part of how a radiator or towel rail functions, allowing for further control of the hydronic heating system. There are three factors to consider when selecting a radiator valve: body pattern (angled or straight), control type (thermostatic or regulating) and style.

Body Pattern

Depending on where the valves inlets are on your radiator and whether your pipework exits through the wall or floor will determine the body pattern of your valves.

Follow this table for the best and easiest results on some common radiators and towel rails:

*Some radiator models may require specific centre connection valves.

Control Type

Regulating (manual)

Regulating valves are generally the most common type of radiator valve and they work in a very similar way to a tap. When the heating is turned on via the boiler or thermostat it allows the heated water to travel through your pipework and reach the valve, prior to entering the radiator. When open the radiator will start to heat, if an individual room has it has reached the desired temperature but other rooms in your home are still warming up then you can simply turn off the valve.


Thermostatic valves allow for further temperature control and may lead to a reduction in energy consumption. Thermostatic radiator valves measure the temperature in the room and then adapt the heat output of the radiator. When the room temperature reaches the desired level the valve closes to stop water flow meaning you won’t be heating the room to a higher temperature than necessary and will reopen once the temperature lowers below the desired level.


Here at Hunt Heating, we pride ourselves on providing you with a variety of different styles in our huge collection of contemporary and traditional radiators – and as you’d expect, our range of valves is no different.

Still not sure what valves you need? Get in touch with us today to discuss the specific needs of your next project. Alternatively, take a look at our expansive range of valves we have available.

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