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Warm your home and your water with a hydronic heating boiler

With soaring energy prices, homeowners are understandably prioritising how to reduce their heating bills and seeking the most efficient ways to warm their homes. One popular solution, which is highly efficient and sustainable, is hydronic heating. There’s a wide range of benefits to hydronic heating which is why this home climate control system is so popular in many parts of the world. Better still, there are options to power your home heating and domestic hot water needs with one boiler.

In this article we’ll go through:

  • What kind of hydronic boiler do I need to heat water and the home?
  • What energy source do combi-boilers run on?
  • How is a combi boiler different to a regular boiler?
  • Will a combi boiler handle hot water supply for a big home?
  • Benefits of the two-in-one solution
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What kind of hydronic boiler do I need to heat water and the home?

There are several types of hydronic boilers on the market and a range of energy sources to power them. If you want to take advantage of using one system to heat your home and your domestic hot water, then you’ll need what is known as a combi or combination boiler. Providing unlimited heat and hot water from a single unit, the combi boiler will only heat the volume of water needed, directly from your main water supply, as it is warming the water as it runs through the system.
Some popular hydronic combi-boilers we supply include:

What energy source do combi boilers run on?
Most current market combi-boilers run on either gas or electric and are highly energy efficient, with some models boasting up to 96% efficiency.

Hydronic Heating Boilers

How is a combi boiler different to a regular boiler?

Combi boilers tend to be a lot more compact as they don’t need a water tank or cylinder to store water. They’re easy to install and don’t take up a lot of room, whereas most domestic hot water systems need a bigger footprint for the water tank.

Will a combi boiler handle hot water supply for a big home?
Your standard combi boiler will suffice for small to medium homes hot water needs. If you are wanting to accommodate for a larger home, solutions such as the Aqua Plus Storage Tank are worth a look as they can store water from any boiler. It can be installed inside or outside the home and is compatible with heat pumps, solar panels and combi boilers.

Benefits of the two-in-one solution

The dual-purpose design of a combi boiler enables you to have a continuous supply of hot water for all domestic hot water needs, from showers and baths to dishwashing and laundry, in addition to powering your home heating system.

Here are some other benefits of having this two-in-one-solution:

  1. Energy efficiency: hydronic systems are typically more energy efficient. A dual system minimises energy waste through consolidating the heating of your home and water.
  2. Cost savings: Hydronic boilers have fewer moving parts, which lends them to less repairs and a longer lifespan. You’ll also reduce your energy bills over time by having merged your heating and water heating to one unit.
  3. Consistent comfort: radiant heat from hydronic systems is known for being more consistent and comfortable than anything air forced. No more cold spots in your home.
  4. Environmentally friendly: you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint by using a hydronic boiler. The higher energy efficiency and potential to be powered by sustainable energy sources make it an eco-positive choice.
  5. Space saving: No more separate water heater and home heating system – your utilities are streamlined with a single unit to cover both.

Want to reduce your environmental impact and energy bills further?

There are some top tips to help you reduce your energy spend that are well worth implementing, with one of the most impactful being pairing an electric combi-boiler with solar panels to power it. This approach is a fantastic way to fuel your home heating and domestic hot water, while making further savings on your energy bills. Another consideration is timing when you use your hot water and heating to daylight hours as much as possible, for example, only doing hot water clothes washing in the daytime to benefit from the solar power.

Take it a step further by investing in a solar battery and you’ve got back up solar to power your home and water heating during the less sunny seasons and evenings year-round.

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