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Here’s How You Can Create a Low-Maintenance Home

Nowadays, living smarter is all about living in homes that require little maintenance, without giving up on comfort or style. Here we share with you some of the most effective ways to create a low maintenance home that ensure you and your household remain comfortable and on-trend.

Embrace elements of passive design

While passive design often forms the basis of a new home build, elements of it can certainly be incorporated into existing homes.

To reduce unwanted heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter, apply secondary glazing or polymer window films on windows that receive a lot of direct sunlight. Shading of the home and outdoor spaces is also effective at reducing unwanted heat gain, which is particularly important for Australian homes. In fact, shutters, awnings or eaves – when installed with consideration to your house’s orientation – can block up to 90% of this heat, according to YourHome. This way, you’re keeping your house cool and comfortable without much effort on your behalf.

By following these passive design principles, you can lessen the load on your heating and cooling system, while also lowering your household running costs.

Choose easy-care flooring options

Hard floors are much easier to clean and maintain than carpet, plus they last much, much longer. Engineered flooring, wood laminate and polished concrete are some of the best options on the market, plus they are relatively inexpensive to install. What’s more, these are some of the most suitable flooring options for underfloor heating.

Select stain-resistant surfaces

Kitchen benches and countertops are probably two of the most-used surfaces in the household. With this in mind, it’s important to select strain, scratch and heat resistant surfaces that can stand the test of time. Quartz consistently comes out as the best option for kitchen benches and countertops. Being non-porous, quartz doesn’t need to be sealed, nor does it require regular maintenance cleans, like granite or marble.

Make vacuuming a breeze

With a central vacuuming system, you can turn one of the most dreaded household chores into a breeze. With the motor located in a garage, basement or crawl space, you don’t need to haul around a clunky portable vacuum cleaner. Instead, the hose attaches to a wall outlet, which can be stored away discreetly once the job is done. Better yet, central vacuum systems pipe the nasty dust and particles outdoors, which leaves you with a much cleaner home. Central vacuum systems are also more powerful than upright vacuums, which means you can complete the job at a much faster rate.

Install hydronic heating

Hydronic heating in all its forms is an extremely low maintenance and comfortable heating option. With no ducts or vents, it requires little upkeep to ensure it keeps running smoothly. When installed by a hydronic heating professional, your system will last for many years to come, with an annual service and power flush all that is needed to keep it in check.

By making a few smart changes around your house, you can lighten your load and begin to enjoy a low maintenance home – without sacrificing on style or comfort. While this might require some replacing or upgrading of your appliances or fittings, you’ll reap the benefits in the long-run.

To learn more about hydronic heating, and its additional benefits for the household, get in touch with us today.

Also, use our heat load calculator to get an estimate of the kW requirements for your home.

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