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Giacomini Underfloor Heating Products, Hydronic Heating Supplier

Giacomini Underfloor Heating Products and Radiator Valves

Investing in hydronic home climate control is an efficient and sustainable approach, which will benefit you and your family (and the environment) for the long term.

At Hunt Heating, we are proud to be distributors of premium quality products and solutions, including the industry leading offerings manufactured by Italian company, Giacomini.

Flexible in its product application, hydronic heating can be used across an entire home, or focused on selected areas, such as main living spaces. Products can be wall mounted, such as hydronic radiators, or set within the floor as you can do with in-floor trench heating or underfloor heating.

In this article we are taking a look at the quality offering from Giacomini when it comes to hydronic underfloor heating:

Giacomini Underfloor Heating Products, Hydronic Heating Supplier

Underfloor heating – how does it work?

Hydronic heating produces what is known as ‘radiant heat’, which gently warms objects by natural convection through a piped system, rather than blowing warm air through a ducted set up. Water is warmed as it runs through the pipe system, which in turn heats the flooring above it. This approach has many benefits, including creating an even distribution of temperature without drying the air and being a much healthier solution to climate control as there aren’t dust particles and any other air borne matter being blown about the space as with other heating options.

What are pipe positioning boards?

Underfloor pipework is a fundamental element of the hydronic underfloor heating set-up as it is through the pipes that the warmed water travels, which generates the radiant warmth through the flooring above.

Giacomini pipe positioning boards

Market leading products, such as the Giacomini pipe positioning board, are pre-formed and act as a support and insulation measure for the pipe work. Using panels such as these is essential for creating an efficient and effective modern climate control system.

The positioning boards are made of a material called sintered foam polystyrene (EPS), coupled with a protective layer to ensure high performing insulation and acoustic functions. The panels are manufactured to enable easy installation and firm, precise positioning without the need for pipe-fixing clips, which most other market products require. The Giacomini boards save time when laying pipes and are flexible for any floor space installation.

Can underfloor heating be retrofitted?

It certainly can. Giacomini have manufactured a leading product known as the spider board, which is especially beneficial when installing hydronic underfloor heating into renovation projects.

The Spider board, or panel, is a three-dimensional moulded net within polypropylene, but the key feature is the reduced height. When you install underfloor heating as a retrofit, it is generally positioned on top of the existing floor surface, as opposed to being laid into the foundation of the new build. Being able to reduce the height of the new floor with made for purpose products like the spider board is important so you aren’t ‘shrinking’ the floor to ceiling space.

Giacomini Hydronic Heating Products, Underfloor Heating Supplier

Other hydronic heating products from Giacomini

In addition to high quality underfloor heating products, Giacomini also produce robust and trusted radiator valves.

Used for temperature control of wall mounted hydronic radiators, the Giacomini range is flexible with simplistic design that will suit any style of radiator, from traditional to ultra-modern. The valve products are also available in options for straight or right-angled positioning for further flexibility, depending on your needs.

The Giacomini range includes:

  • Manual and thermostatic valves
  • Lockshields
  • Polished chrome plated valves
  • Radiator box sets
  • Single pipe system valves
  • Thermostatic heads and accessories

Giacomini Radiator Valves Supplier, Hydronic Heating Products

Giacomini – quality climate control since 1951

Now in their third generation of management, Giacomini was established on the shores of Lake Orta in Italy in 1951, with water playing a central role for the company – from heating and cooling to distribution and measurement. The company now work across radiant systems, renewable resources, energy management, gas distribution and fire protection. We are proud to be distributors of their premium hydronic climate control products.

Ready for underfloor heating?

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