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An easy way to get hydronic heating in your home

You may have heard about the benefits of hydronic heating, but did you know there is a cost-effective, easy way to enjoy hydronic heating in your home?

Introducing the DeLonghi Macro electric heating range.

Hunt Heating has been supplying the DeLonghi Marco aluminium electric radiator for 14 months. The popular model is a newcomer to the Australian market, and can be used in electric heating systems, or to heat a room independently from the central hot water system.

The steatite heating element featured in the Macro is a type of stone known for its thermal properties. Thanks to its high degree of inertia, steatite gives heat constantly and gradually, continuing even after the radiator has been turned off, therefore using energy more efficiently.

The electronic thermostat, supplied with a remote control, enables the room to be regulated to the required temperature.

The Macro is a popular choice as it can be installed at home, and therefore is free from installation costs.

It’s also a great cost-effective heating solution – with the clean, quiet and efficient heating that hydronic heating brings, at a lower price-point.

To learn how to install the Macro, watch our videos below:

Wall mounted


Floor mounted


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