Hydronic Heating Supplier

Complete Climate Control

Did you know that we offer many hydronic heating solutions that can cool as well as heat? One of our favourites is the Clima Canal. Despite its modest size, Clima Canal is a powerful heating, cooling and ventilation unit all in one. Silent and unobtrusive, Clima Canal provides the greatest possible climatic comfort.

Super-compact and silent
This high-tech Low-H2O heat exchanger with its thermal activator has been specially developed to deliver record output in super-compact dimensions. All this at an inaudible noise level of less than 29 dbA! In boost mode, for ultra-quick heating or cooling, the output is even higher.

Using the latest EC motors enables Clima Canals to consume up to 50% less electrical energy, and enables remote control using the latest home automation and building management systems.

With temps soaring over 35° we are thankful for this gem!

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