Hydronic Heating Supplier

Are you thinking about installing hydronic underfloor heating?

If you’re a homeowner or installer thinking about installing underfloor heating, make sure you read our detailed guide, filled with all the information you need to make the right decision for your home or project.

This guide will tell you all about:

– Underfloor heating methods, tailored to your flooring construction
– System components, so you know how everything comes together
– Zonal options for a more efficient and easy-to-use system
– How to create a combination system for whole-home comfort
– Selecting the right heat source for your home or project
– Typical running costs of a range of heat sources; and
– Selecting the right floor covering for your new system

For Installers and Specifiers, we have included a wealth of technical information on:

– Expansion joints
– Thermal bridging
– Pipe layout; and
– Product performance

This industry-leading guide is designed to ensure a well-informed project – whether you’re thinking about installing underfloor heating in conjunction with radiators, or if you’d like a combination boiler that takes care of your entire home’s hot water requirements.

Download your copy of the Underfloor Heating Guide now. 

Once you’ve read our guide, book in your personal consultation with our Customer Service Team. When you work with us, you can rest easy knowing that we’ll design a bespoke Hydronic Heating solution that not only delivers superior comfort but is also environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

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